How To Handle Moving Like An Expert

Moving can be one of the most stressful processes, especially if you haven't done it very much. Fortunately, the process is primarily about organization. Once you have things organized, you can move like an expert. Follow these four recommendations to have a less painful move.

Acquire Boxes Early

A move can sneak up on you quickly. The best idea is to start boxing stuff early. If you're working with a moving company, there's a good chance they can hook you up with boxes and packing materials.

Folks who feel like there's so much stuff to pack need to slowly work their way through the job to keep from being overwhelmed. Set aside at least a half-hour each day just for boxing items. You'll be surprised how much you can pack in a couple of weeks simply by chipping away at the problem.


Whenever something goes in a box, you need to identify which room it's coming from in your old place and where it's going in the new place. Clearly identify each room. If there are two very similar rooms, such as bedrooms, distinctly identify and describe them so you'll put them in the right spot and make unpacking easier. List the contents of each box, also, so you can quickly find essential items once you settle in.

Every time something goes in a box, write it down on a notepad, too. Indicate the source and destination so you can remember what went where. This will save you the trouble of hunting through the boxes to find your stuff.


A great way to save on boxes and moving costs is to not move unnecessary items. Have a yard sale, put stuff for sale online, and give things away. If you can't find a home for something you don't need, donate it to a charity. When all else fails, ask the garbage company about the disposal process, especially if you're dealing with appliances or electronics.

Look at the condition of what you're moving into. If an item looks like you'll have to replace it in the next couple of years, you might want to eliminate and replace it now.

Get Professional Help

Even if you're just moving across town, it helps to have professionals involved. Contact a local moving company and confirm they are available when you need them and can handle the size of the move. Try to have a backup day in mind in case the weather turns against you, too.

For more tips, contact a local moving service.