3 Ways To Make Your Commercial Move More Time Efficient

As a business owner, you already know that the old saying "time is money" definitely has a ring of truth to it. Hiring a professional moving company is no exception to this rule since you will pay for these services by the hour. Consequently, the more time-efficient the moving process is the more money you are likely to save. Continue reading to learn more about three ways you can help to make your commercial move more time-efficient.

Take Steps To Avoid The Need For Flat Loading

If you are not familiar with the term flat loading, it refers to the need to place items in a single flat layer when loading them onto a moving truck because they are not packed in a way that allows them to be safely stacked. If your items must be flat loaded, you will inevitably find yourself needing to make additional trips since you were not able to take advantage of all the space that your moving truck has to offer. Making sure that items are packed in stable boxes and bins that are similar in shape and size is a great way to avoid the need for flat loading.

Carefully Mark And Separate Items That Should Not Be Moved

There are likely to be several items that you either do not or cannot have your commercial moving company relocate for you. For instance, if you keep files that contain your client's personal or financial information, these files will likely be off-limits to your movers due to privacy laws. To ensure none of these items end up on the truck by accident and that no time is wasted separating the items on moving day, you will want to take the time to clearly mark these items and place them in an area where the moving company will not have access to.

Limit The Spread Of Items That Your Commercial Movers Will Be Loading

During the course of normal day-to-day operations, you likely have equipment, supplies, and other business-related materials spread throughout your entire commercial property. While it can be tempting to pack these items and leave them in place, giving in to this temptation will drag out the task of loading your moving truck. There are two reasons for this. First, keeping items spread throughout your offices can add to the time it takes to load the truck simply because it will require your commercial movers to carry these items further. Secondly, when your items are spread out throughout the property, it can be far more difficult for your movers to come up with a plan to load the truck in the most efficient way since they will be unable to see how the items fit together until they have already been brought out to the truck. 

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