Moving Day Reminders: Three Things You Don’t Want To Miss!

Hiring a moving crew to handle your next relocation is a fantastic way to leave the work to the professionals. While they will handle the hardest part of the job, there are a few things you can do on your own to ensure your moving day is a success. Here are three things you do not want to miss on moving day.

Pick the Right Moving Day

Even though you will be putting the move itself into the hands of professionals, you will want to make sure your moving day is at the most ideal time possible. Choose a day that you know you will not have to be distracted by work, school, or other duties. If you have small children, try to find available childcare to make the process a little easier. The moving company will physically bring your furniture and boxes to your new home, but the unpacking process is undoubtedly time-consuming. Arranging the move on a day you are completely free will ensure that you have plenty of time to make your new house feel more like a home.

Set Aside the Essentials

During the hustle and bustle of preparing for a move, it is very easy to forget the absolute basics. Remember that you will need a box or bag filled with the essentials that stays with you to guarantee you have everything you need at a moment's notice. This assortment of essentials should include important paperwork such as leases as well as toiletry items that you need throughout the day. Medication you are currently taking, deodorant, water bottles, extra snacks, and a change of clothing are just a few examples of items you can pack. Be sure to also keep your new keys on you at all times to ensure you don't get locked out of your new home.

Plan Your Layout Ahead of Time

One thing that will make your movers' job far more manageable is knowing which rooms all your boxes and furniture are going to ahead of time. Having a clear idea of where your furniture will be in your new place will also help make the space feel more like yours immediately. Rather than scrambling to find the best possible location for each piece of furniture or decor, planning this ahead of time will help make the entire process run so much smoother. If you need help with figuring out what looks best where, try your hand at using an app that can help give you a visual idea of where to place your furniture.

For more information, contact a moving company near you.