3 Packing Hacks For Your Electronics

Moving can be a complicated process. From finding your new residence to cleaning, packing, and hauling all of your belongings, the moving process will be physically and emotionally stressful. Thankfully, you can make your move easier by using a few simple hacks when packing. TVs, DVD players, cable boxes and DVRs, computers, laptops, and video game consoles are found in most American homes today. Packing these electronics in an orderly, efficient manner may seem impossible, but the following hacks can make the packing process a great deal easier.


First and foremost, consider reevaluating how many electronic devices you will need at your new residence. Multiple televisions, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, players, cable boxes, and video game consoles may all sound like necessities, but you can reduce clutter and the amount of time you need to pack by donating some devices you no longer need.

If you have laptop computers, consider donating your desktop computer to a local charity or school. Televisions and video game machines can also be donated to schools, churches, or charities that give the devices to families in need.

To earn a little extra cash, you can sell some of your devices at a yard sale or through an online selling site.

By reducing the number of devices you have, you can make the packing and moving process more efficient.


Once you know which items you will be packing and moving, you can start organizing everything to pack. Before disconnecting each electronic device, use your smartphone to take pictures of how each component is installed.

Having photos of how the devices are connected will reduce stress and confusion when you begin connecting each electronic device back after the move.

Once disconnected, use colored tape and bread ties to label the power cords with the correct device. Place remotes and cords into a plastic bag and attach to the coordinating console or device. Again, this will make the unpacking and reconnecting process easier once you are in your new residence.


After you have all of your electronics disconnected and labeled, you can begin protecting and packing them.

Wrap bubblewrap around all consoles and secure the protective cushion using tape. Avoid securing the tape onto the actual electronic device, though.

If possible, use the original packaging to pack your electronics. This is the best option for flat screen televisions, since finding larger boxes for your TVs can be difficult. If you do not have the original packaging and boxes, ask your moving company if they offer specialty boxes for flat screen televisions and monitors.

Organizing and packing your electronics does not have to be the most stressful part of your move. With these hacks, you can pack up your computers, televisions, and consoles in a timely, stress free manner.