Benefits And Advantages Of Portable Storage

Smartboxes are a new, portable storage option for men and women who want to move and store their items in the most convenient way possible. Smartboxes offer many advantages compared to previous methods that will encourage you to use smart boxes during your next move. 

Smartbox Benefits


The greatest benefit of using smartboxes is that they are portable. You can have your storage unit come to your home or office that you are packing up and drive it to where the items will be stored. This means that you don't have to guess how much you can fit in your storage unit once you get to it. This also means you only have to pack once. You will not need to unpack your items and put them in your storage container once you get to your storage facility. 


Smartboxes offer temperature-controlled protection for your valuables because they are made from a breathable wood. Containers made of aluminum steel put your items at risk of mold because of a lack of ventilation. They also allow for more dust. This is particularly important during long-term storage

Perfect size

Smartboxes hold a large amount in their 8 x 7 x 5 size and a weight capacity of 3500 pounds. This equates to about a room and a half of items. 

Lower cost

You do not have to pay for a moving truck. This becomes especially important with long-distance moves or long-distance storage. You also don't have to pay the movers as much because they have less work to do. Smartboxes also make prices clear for customers so there are no surprise charges. They even guarantee to match pricing for the same services. 


Anyone can walk in and out of the storage unit with ease because it's only six inches off of the ground. Being low to the ground allows the movers to move things more quickly, too. 

Other Options

The two main alternative options are Pods and Uhauls.

Pods are made of aluminum and cannot protect your items in the same way that smartboxes can. Pods are also much taller. Packing a pod can be more difficult, and it can leave your items stacked precariously. 

Uhauls charge for fuel and storage. These things are included with smartboxes!  Smartboxes are also easier to pack being at ground level. They don't even require towing or a hitch. You can even get multiple units delivered during a single trip. 

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