Moving In Circles? How To Stop The Centrifuge Of Confusion On Moving Day

So much is going on when you are in the midst of a local move. Your local moving services are trying to pack and unpack a truck, and you are trying to get your services reconnected at the new place and disconnected from your old place. The swirling confusion around you only intensifies when something goes wrong. Instead of moving in dizzying circles, develop a plan of attack that takes you in a straight line instead of spinning you in a centrifuge of confusion. Here's an example of such a plan.

Focus on Moving First

Move all of your belongings first. Usually, this takes only a day or less. Once all of your stuff is on the truck and headed to the new place, make a call to your utilities company, if you were paying utilities and/or you will be paying utilities at your new place. Enroute to you your new place, you can get the utilities scheduled for turning on and off in the two locations. You should be able to complete this call while in transit, so long as someone else is doing the driving. If not, finish moving all of your stuff. Then call the utilities company.

Calling the Utilities Company

Make sure the utilities company understands that, as of this moment, you are not living at your old address. If you do not do this, the company will continue to charge you for all electricity and/or gas used in your old house or apartment. You do not want to pay extra for a place in which you are no longer residing.

In the same call, request that the utilities company turn on power and gas in your new place. If you are making this call early enough in the day, the utilities company may have your power and gas transferred to your new home and shut off at the old one before the end of the work day. If you are making the call after lunchtime, you may have to wait until the following day.

Set up All Rooms in Which You Have a TV/Phone/Computer

If you subscribe to TV, phone, and/or computer services, set up all of these rooms first. When they are ready to go, call your service provider(s). If there is an opening in the schedule, a technician can hook up your services while you and your movers continue to unload the truck and put everything where it belongs.

Finish Unloading the Truck and Putting Things Away

Your movers will definitely help you get everything into the new place in a very short time. If you have also contracted them to help you unpack boxes, they will stick around. If not, bid your movers adieu and continue to put things away on your own.

Contact a moving company, like Walsh Moving & Storage, for more help.